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The Space Between Names is a poetic odyssey to find truth beneath the veneer of everyday life.  It is a menagerie of profound moments and observations.  The forty-five poems in this volume draw on philosophy, mythology, religion, and the natural world to create a vocabulary by which to convey meaning in the modern world.  Within these pages, the intrepid reader will find poems on aging, love, relationships, character studies, nature, and morality.  The author invites you to hear the song of a stone; to eavesdrop on the misgivings of the sea-nymph Calypso; to ponder the line between mental illness and eccentricity beside a country road; and to revisit the joys and sorrows of youth and middle age.  In turns humorous, playful, bittersweet, searching, and cautionary, these poems will imbue the reader with a sense of wonder and rekindle the innate delight that humans feel when confronting mysteries, both in themselves and in the world.